When Kevin wrote The Serpent's Grasp, there was a great deal of scientific discovery appearing in the news. There were days when live internet feeds streamed and news anchors reported amazing finds while he sat at his computer typing away. Some of the items were so current and relevant, they just fit right into the story as if by some miraculous fashion, Kevin became clairvoyant. (Not!)

This section is designed to update from time to time the science behind the book. Each link will be posted with a comment from Kevin as he interprets the story. Also, he wanted us to tell you that if you check out the bibliography in the back of the book, you'll see that Kevin wasn't making all this up. As someone once said, "The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction." Kevin agrees. 


Truth has now been relegated to your "gut feeling." It is true that sometimes, you get a gut feeling that something isn't right, so you stop doing what you are doing. We've all been there. Or you get a "gut feeling" that you should do this or that, and it panned out. However, hear what the scientists conducting this study are really saying: Since scientists cannot agree on evolutionary theory and have often contradicted each other, it is to be understood without question that a person's gut feeling makes evolutionary theory true. In other circles, we call that "faith."

Just as John Spencer & Dr. Harry Landover say in The Serpent's Grasp (in so many words), Evolutionary Theory is nothing more than a "religion" based on a belief that there is a missing link out there yet to be discovered. Thus all that the missing link would entail-if found-could and would lead anyone to the "obvious" conclusion that evolution is true. Evolutionists have faith that their theory is true. Can't fault them for that. However. I have a belief, too. I believe God created the Heavens and the Earth. And that's how God wanted it. "The just Shall live by faith," not scientific prowess or evidentiary proof. 

I'm glad to see evolutionists finally admitting to their "beliefs," even though I had a gut feeling they would hide it behinda veil of verbiage so as to not sound religious.  


The discoveries just keep happening. The basis for The Serpent's Grasp keeps being proven.


This is called "Bathymetric Gigantism." Things that are usually smaller in size grow much, much larger when submitted to the pressures of the deep sea. The Serpent's Grasp keeps being supported by science each passing day, it seems. 


In these four links below, you will see evidences of how Hyperbaric Therapy for injuries (the same hyperbaric theory Evelyn Sims discusses in The Serpent's Grasp) is being used today in the world of sports and the world of medicine. It is becoming more and more prevalent among athletes to sleep in these chambers for hours, healing injuries faster, lengthening careers, and proving that maybe God knows something after all. Hospitals and medical facilities have "wound care" facilities wherein hyperbaric chambers are used in this process.

The Theory Itself / The Use of this Theory by athletes like Hines Ward and Tim Tebow.


In this PDF, scroll down to page 20 and read about the benefits of something normally harmful to humans. Just imagine what it would have been like to live in a world where oxygen would be plentiful because the atmospheric pressure kept our blood totally oxygenated? A world where spider bites were useful, not harmful or even deadly?  


Recent archaeological digs (recent as in within the last 10 years) show large marine predators did exist. The question is, have we found all of them? The one in this article was extremely petrified, raising the question of how many existed in the past, much larger than Predator X, and will never be discovered because their remains are inaccessible? 

Article #10 - More New Species Discovered

The evidence keeps proving the existence of many species we have not yet discovered. 

Article #11 - Scientist Fired Because He May Have Found Evidence Disproving Evolutionary Theory

Just like Anthony Fontaine in The Serpent's Grasp, no one on the evolutionary side of the argument wants to allow hard and fast evidence that may disprove their beloved theory. Pride is an ugly thing. Unfortunately, there will be millions of people who stood on what they believed to be the "correct" side of the argument (evolution), only to wake up one day on the wrong side of the Pearly Gates.



IN THE NEWS - The Blake Meyer Thriller Series

 Kevin researched a great deal of material while writing 30 Days Hath Revenge, Triple Time, The Tide of Times, and the remainder of the Blake Meyer Thriller Series. There are obviously way too many articles and books to reference. However, here are a few items that are either referenced in the book or never made the final edits due to various reasons.

Article #1: Rebirth Island Wrongly Named

A location originally in the Aral Sea, but now only near it (See Article 2 about that), Rebirth Island was, for all intents and purposes, the Russian governments testing-ground version of America's Plum Island.

Article #2: Aral Sea Will Dry Up Someday Soon

Because of a massive crop-growth undertaking in the 1960s, the Russian government diverted two rivers which originally supplied the Aral Sea and instead tried to irrigate a desert region that had nutrient issues in the soil. Not only did the crop experiment backfire, creating a Dust Bowl situation much like our own back in the 1930s, but it also has permanently affected the Aral Sea. Scientists predict the Aral Sea will dry up within this generation's lifetime. As you can see by the photo, it has already dried up substantially in the last 50 years.

Article #3: While You Were Sleeping: A History of Biological Warfare (Open first PDF link)

While researching 30 Days Hath Revenge (and for the rest of the series), Kevin read many articles like this one, depicting a short history of warfare through a microscope. Many of the chilling discoveries Kevin made while doing his research found their way into his novel (and will in future installments). It makes you wonder if mankind will ever get out of the 21st Century.

Article #4: How to Spot a Human Trafficking Victim in an Airport 

One of the premises of 30 Days Hath Revenge is that too many people controlling the laws against HT are on the take. Hence, victims can be trafficked in broad daylight. The traffickers have no fear because there is really nothing to fear or deter them against this horrific trade.

Article #5: Inside the Scarily Lucrative Business Model of Human Trafficking

Why is it that such atrocities can grow right under our noses into such huge businesses that profit the scum of society? And who exactly benefits from this business model? Is it just the scumbags out there? Or do others, ones we'd rather not believe, prosper from the exploitation of others?

Article #6: SUR 13 Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking

Gangs have figured out the capitalistic concept of diversification. Easy prey for this growing part of their enterprise are young females who are frustrated with life at home and runaway. These runaways, often drawn to members of gangs without knowing the boys or men are even in a gang, get lured with a life that feeds the human condition in a devilish manner. Kevin's use of a SUR 13 gang member in Book 3 of the series was no accident.

Article #7: Human Trafficking: 89 Most-Wanted Criminals, backed by Politicians, involved

Ever wonder why traffickers hardly ever get arrested? Ever wonder how such criminal activity can grow to a multi-billion dollar operation around the globe without anyone within the political community becoming incensed? It's called "kickback."

Article #8: Is the Government Playing Politics with the Human Trafficking Rankings?

Don't be fooled. There's too much money to be had in HT, and politicians will find ways to grease their palms and the palms of those who can supply them the most money.