When the clock strikes fourteen, Book 4 of the Blake Meyer Thriller Series, is now available!

his standalone novel, titled The Letters, was recently picked up by Mantle Rock Publishing, and will be released in e-Book January 7, 2020. The paperback will be released February 18, 2020.

Kevin is also working on Book 5 of the Blake Meyer Thriller Series, A Pulse of Time, which is planned to be released near the end of 2019.

He's also (in his spare time) working on a YA novel (that will be a standalone series of books) that has received wildly enthusiastic comments from his writer's critique group (some say it's his best work yet). More to come as it gets closer to completion.

And, Kevin has plans to begin work on the screenplay for The Letters as well as the teleplay pilot for the first book in his Blake Meyer Thriller series.

And then there's that day job thing as a school administrator. :) Needless to say, he's been busy.

You can also click on the "Press Clippings" tab above to see some of the places he's been on the web recently. And don't forget, he's a regular contributor for the writer's blog, Seriously Write, every fourth friday (excluding December).