Kevin's love of writing started during his days in middle school. His world-famous story, Sammy the Seal, sky-rocketed his name into the annals of fiction and made C. Kevin Thompson a household name amongst young and old fans alike. 

Well, actually, that whole story is a work of fiction.

As with any good fiction, the story must be rooted in truth, fact, and details verifiable by someone. Then, with those facts developed and substantiated, the rest of the "story"-however unbelievable it may appear-will at least seem believable, even possible.

The actual story above is rooted in some truth. Kevin did develop a love of writing in middle school. Mrs. Crumpton's Language Arts class to be precise. There also was a real story entitled Sammy the Seal which he wrote for a class project. However, the whole sky-rocketing part was a little fabricated. Okay, fabricated a lot.

Kevin's love for writing never waned, though, but did change direction toward articles as he attended college and seminary.

Then, in the mid-1990's, he tried his hand at his first novel, A Case of Déjà vu. It was a work of love and taught Kevin a great deal about the writing process. Started on an Apple IIC and contained on five floppy disks (remember those? The big ones?), he eventually retyped the entire manuscript into MS Word. Although he likes the book and admits it has a special place in his heart for being the first one "off the presses," so to speak, it presently resides in the musty, dusty files of his computer awaiting the day when a publisher comes knocking on his door, asking, "Hey, Kevin, do you happen to have any finished works sitting in your musty, dusty computer files?"

In the years that followed, Kevin wrote two more novels. One, a sci-fi work based on the characters from Star Trek-TNG, was written for his oldest daughter's 16th birthday (he did complete it by her 18th birthday and is not to be held accountable for any unfulfilled, self-imposed deadlines therein, theretofore, wheretofore, heretofore, or any other "fores" not previously aforementioned, for sure). This work was never intended to be marketed for publication. It really was a labor of love only.

The other novel, a young-adult work entitled The Doulos Files (Book 1-For the Least of These), was Kevin trying his hand at YA fiction while continuing to broaden his writing horizons. This novel is designed to be a series targeted at church youth groups to create hefty discussions within the ranks, if anyone is interested.

In April 2006, Kevin started formulating the idea of The Serpent’s Grasp after seeing a replica of a dinosaur hanging from the ceiling in a store at a Florida theme park. Later that month, on the balcony of a condominium in Cocoa Beach with a pen and legal pad in hand, the first words were scrawled in a penmanship that only he could decipher.

In 2011, a conversation about illegal immigration started the wheels turning in Kevin's furtile imagination, forcing him to ask, "If I was a terrorist, how could I bring a country to its knees?" and Blake Meyer Thriller Series was born.

Born into a self-employed, small-business-owning family in Central Florida, inheriting the business along with his brother was the family’s plan. Kevin had other dreams of being a professional musician (drummer/singer). However, God’s plan superseded all the others.

Now, years later, Kevin is an ordained minister, having served churches in New York, Mississippi, Texas, and Iowa. He holds a B.A. in Bible from Houghton College (New York), an M.A. in Christian Studies from Wesley Biblical Seminary (Mississippi), and an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership from National-Louis University (Illinois).

Kevin is married to Cindy, his wonderful wife, and they have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. He speaks in churches on occasion, presently works as an assistant principal in a local school district, and plays the drums and percussion. He is a huge fan of the TV series 24, The Blacklist, Blue Bloods, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Broadchurch, Shetland, Hinterland, and Wallander. He loves anything to do with Star Trek, is a Sherlock Holmes fanatic, and reads lots of books. He also reads scads of non-fiction, researching his works as he goes. It is not uncommon for him to have five or six books going at once, scattered around in stacks in the bedroom or on the floor of his office, some needing to be renewed at the local public library...all driving his poor wife crazy. 

He believes the Bible is not the best-selling book of all time for nothing. It's about storytelling, and it's about truth. And when you couple those two things together, it makes for powerful reading. (Of course, divine inspiration puts the Bible in a class by itself!) There's nothing like a good story that brings home something concrete which a reader can take with them long after the last page is turned. 

Kevin's debut novel, The Serpent's Grasp, won the 2013 BRMCWC Selah Award for Fiction-First Novel. It also was a finalist in Foreword Reviews' 2012 Book of the Year Awards in the Science Fiction category.

His next novel, 30 Days Hath Revenge (A Blake Meyer Thriller - Book 1), was a Silver Medalist in Readers' Favorite 2013 Book of the Year Awards.

Now, Kevin has five books published, and more are on the way. You can check them all out HERE.

Kevin is a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), the Christian Authors Network (CAN), and Word Weavers International. He has served as a judge for several contests, including the ACFW Carol Awards, is a regular contributor for Seriously Write, where his articles appear on the fourth Friday of each month.

Prior to publishing fiction, Kevin's previously published works—all articles—appeared in such publications as The Wesleyan AdvocateThe Preacher, and Vista, as well as in newspapers such as The Des Moines Register (Iowa) and The Ocala Star-Banner (Florida).