Right now, Kevin has When the clock strikes fourteen, Book 4 of the Blake Meyer Thriller Series, cooking on his computer as we speak. In addition, he's awaiting two publishing board's responses on his standalone novel, titled The Letters.

He's also (in his spare time) working on a YA novel (that will be a standalone series) as well as the screenplay for The Letters. The YA novel, so far, has received wildly enthusiastic comments from his writer's critique group (some say it's his best work yet). More to come as it gets closer to completion. 

Oh, and two more things. The Serpent's Grasp came back out in second edition in JUly 2017 - kevin's 2013 BRMCWC selah award-winning debut novel...And Book 3 of his Blake Meyer Thriller series, The Tide of Times, is also now available! Four books in one year! Whew!

And then there's that day job thing as a school administrator. :) Needless to say, he's been busy.

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